Core Conditioning: Ab & Core Workout Classes in Dubai

All Levels

This class is designed to build your core strength and core muscle groups – strengthening your abdomen and back muscles and also improving your posture.

Core Conditioning

45-min – All Levels

What is Core strength?

Core strength is the muscular control of the torso. The core muscle structures are what stabilize everyday activities such as lifting, balance and stability! It helps prevent falls and supports your body.

What is a Core Conditioning class?

Core Conditioning is a 45-min class dedicated to blasting your core. This class is designed to build your core strength and core muscle groups – strengthening your abdomen and back muscles and also improving your posture.

What are the benefits of a strong core?

Enhances stability and balance

Core strength and good posture also benefit your stability and balance. A strong core engages the pelvis, lower back and hips to collaborate better, lowering your risk of muscle injuries, lower back pain, and poor posture. When you’re working with a solid base, it’s easier to stay stable during your workout or even as you go about your daily activities like walking, running and even sitting.

Improves performance

As a strong and toned core improves stability and balance, other parts of your body such as your legs and upper body begin to synchronize better when performing workouts or playing different kinds of sports. A strong core minimizes the impact on muscles while exercises, making it easier to perform heavy thrust movements, as well as reducing the chances of direct injuries or soreness.

Supports better posture

Your core wraps around your entire torso, including muscles in your sides and back. When your core muscles are stronger, in particular your inner core muscles that attach to your spine, it helps you straighten the position of your spine, and stretches your back to align your posture appropriately.

Having good posture is important – it helps reduce the impact of everyday wear and tear on your spine, and also helps you breathe better by ensuring that oxygen reaches your muscles efficiently.

Reduces risk of back injuries

Having a strong core makes your quality of life better and easier. It reduces pain, supports your lower back, strengthens your spine, and makes you feel better overall. An aligned and upright body will make you less prone to have back injuries and pain. All of the benefits of having a stronger core – better posture, better stability and balance, and enhanced performance, minimize discomfort from daily activities like sitting on your computer all day!

Who is this class for?

This class is for absolutely everyone. It is perfect if you’re looking to shred your core, feel in control of your body movements, pelvic floor and balance. It’s also a must attend class if you are working on your posture and spine health. Combine our core conditioning class with your flexibility training and see wonders happen!

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