Stretch Massage

60-min – All Levels

What is Stretch Massage?

With a Thai massage influence, clients will experience a 60-minute session using a combination of Thai massage and assisted stretching techniques.

Incorporating both acupressure techniques and yogic stretching movements, the therapist will apply pressure to muscles along the body’s energy lines with both hands and feet. By applying the principles of acupressure whereby the Sen is stimulated, this allows the energy system in the body to be balanced.

No oils or creams are used, and clients will not be expected to undress.

What are the benefits of Stretch Massage?

When using acupressure techniques, endorphins are released as muscles are manipulated. Linking to the Chinese medicine and acupressure philosophy, this states that we all have meridian lines within our body, which all have acupressure points. By stimulating these points, this provides a healthier flow of energy known as Qi or Chi.

As well as this, clients can expect:
- Improved flexibility and range of muscle movement through assisted stretching.
- Increase in blood flow and circulation.
- Release in physical tension, relieving aches and pains.
- Release of emotional tension within the body, combating stress and providing a state of relaxation.

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