Healthy Back: Back Exercises & Stretching Class in Dubai

All Levels

Our Healthy Back class focuses on proper alignment and posture as well as core and back strengthening.

Healthy Back

45-min – All Levels
If you love your spine enough to keep it healthy... this class is a must-do.
If you’ve been neglecting your spine’s health, this class is perfect for you – get ready to feel re-born.
Our Healthy Back class focuses on proper alignment and posture as well as core and back strengthening. This class covers a variety of exercises including back extension, flexion, mobility work, and stability and strength movements in the back, hips and pelvis to support the lower back area.

What is a Healthy Back class?

Healthy Back is a slow sequence class which will help you decompress your spine and relieve all the stress that has been accumulated between your vertebrae over the years. The goal of this class is to increase the space between your vertebrae, helping you feel light on your feet and also preventing the possibility of a bulging disk in the future. This class will focus on decompressing your spine and releasing tension off of your shoulders and neck!

We like comparing this class to a spine massage – as it helps you to connect with your body on a deeper level and consciously stretch it from within. Take this class and watch magic happen between your vertebrae!

Who is this class for?

This class is perfect for beginners who have never attended a class focusing purely on working the back, and any one suffering from back pains or symptoms. It’s also an amazing choice for those of you who are looking to progress into attending our Flexible Back class in the future!

Take this class if you are:

- A beginner to back focused classes
- Suffering from back pains or similar symptoms
- Living a sedentary lifestyle
- Looking to progress into working on your back flexibility
- Suffering from a tight and sore back

What are the benefits of a healthy back?

Other than developing beautiful posture, having a healthy back and spine has numerous benefits, to name a few:

Reduced back pain

With a healthy back and posture, your back muscles equally share the weight of your body, which cushions the spine and puts no additional pressure on these muscles. Slouching also causes excess pressure on the back which can lead to chronic pains!

Higher energy levels

A strong back supports perfect alignment in the bones, joints, ligaments and muscles – so their functioning is optimal, causing lesser fatigue.

Better lung capacity

With an open and strong back, you give more space to your lungs in your chest. When in ideal position, your lungs get all the space they need to expand and contract, so you’re able to breathe deeper and longer!

Higher self confidence

When you stand tall, you appear taller. When your back is strong and feels good, you’re able to conduct daily activities and more with extra confidence and comfort.

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