Splits: Mobility Exercises & Deep Stretch Class in Dubai


Our Splits class combines a variety of deep stretches, hip openers and mobility exercises to help you achieve your front and/or middle splits.


60-min – Intermediate-Advanced
Splits is a dream for almost everyone who has been stretching for a while. They make you feel superhuman! It’s a great achievement and reward for those who are patient and consistent in their stretching journey.

What is a Splits class?

Our Splits class combines a variety of deep stretches, hip openers and mobility exercises to help you achieve your front and/or middle splits. Everyone of all ages, as well as men and women, can learn the splits – and these splits focused exercises are great in the long-run for your joint health, flexibility, range of motion, and balance.

What are the benefits of splits?

The splits may seem impossible but it’s highly achievable! There are also a lot of benefits to practicing the splits or working your way towards it on a regular basis.
Deeply stretches the thighs

Doing the splits as well as the stretching leading up to your splits require serious opening in the hamstrings and the quadriceps. No matter your level of splits, practicing this will give your legs the stretch of a lifetime! This is great if you bike, walk, run or generally use your legs a lot on a daily basis.

Opens the hip flexors

Training for this pose requires you to get deep into your hip flexors. Most people have extremely tight hip flexors as a result of sitting in chairs all day, walking, running, and engaging these muscles without ever taking the time to mindfully stretch them out. The splits offer one of the deepest openings for your hip flexors and will increase your range of motion faster than any other hip flexor opening pose.

Deepens body awareness

The splits one of the more challenging postures when it comes to the correct alignment. Doing the splits requires you to be fully aware of almost every muscle in your body which, when practiced mindfully over time, will help you to develop deeper body awareness.

Develops perseverance

Even for flexible people, the splits pose does not come on the first try. Achieving the correct alignment, the deep opening, and the core strength required to master this pose will come with time and hard work. It takes great discipline and consistency to see yourself through to achieving this pose. The strength of mind developed with this practice can then be used in many other areas of your life!

Helps Develop Patience

There is no rushing your flexibility journey or forcing the pose – so practicing your splits helps you work on your patience towards achievement. With time and consistency, anyone can achieve their splits!

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