Stretch n’Tone Classes in Dubai

55-min – All Levels

The class is a beautiful combination of flexibility and mobility that will unlock tightness over your whole body.

Stretch n’Tone

55-min – All Levels

What is Stretch n’Tone?

Stretch n’Tone combines your favorite strength exercises while gentle stretches and deep breathing help to release tension and stress.

What are the benefits of Stretch n’Tone?

Along with a toned body, better posture and flexibility you will brighten your mood and release the endorphins!

Nowadays lots of people move to smart training instead or exhausting drenching exercises. If that’s your case, then this class is for you.

We will work on upper body and lower body strength using resistance bands, bodyweight exercises and dumbbells and finish up by working on our core tone.

Who is this class for?

This class is for absolutely for everyone but it will especially suit to busy bees who’s schedule is full and they don’t have time to attend separate strength and stretching classes.

Any level of strength or flexibility is welcome! Whether you’re a beginner or advanced stretcher, the coach will adapt the exercises as per your needs giving you alternative options!

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