Yoga Stretching: Active & Static Stretch Class in Dubai

All Levels

Yoga stretch is a gentle flow mixing the basics of yoga postures with stretching exercises.

Yoga Stretching: Active & Static Stretch Class in Dubai

60-min – All Levels
This class is great for people who are brand new to yoga! Our Yoga Stretch class is a gentle flow taking you through a series of poses that focus primarily on stretching your muscles, opening up your spine, shoulders, neck and back, and enhancing your overall flexibility.

What is Yoga stretch?

Yoga stretch is a gentle flow mixing the basics of yoga postures with stretching exercises. This class primarily uses a basic warm up as well as the classic Yoga sun salutations to warm up the body before moving deeper into stretching poses that will be held for longer counts in co-ordination with one’s breath.

This class also uses yoga props including blocks and straps to slowly move deeper into each pose. Throughout your practice, you will work on connecting your breath with your body flow and movements. The class can either cover a full body stretch, or be a dedicated class working on specific areas such as a ‘hips and hamstrings opening’ focused class.

Who is this class for?

Yoga Stretch is for absolutely everyone. It’s a great class for those of you who are new to Yoga or who are looking to begin their Yoga journey, as well as for those who suffer from back tightness or joint pain.

Yoga Stretch promotes blood circulation throughout your body and enhances your levels of focus, so it’s a great way to start off your day! The use of your breath throughout the practice also helps with de-stressing and clearing your mind.

What are the benefits of Yoga stretch?

Other than the common benefits of stretching and yoga: increased flexibility and blood flow, released tension, improved moods, reduced stress, and more – this class incorporates yoga’s sun salutations which strengthen your back as well as your muscles, and brings down blood sugar levels. These movements also improve metabolism and blood circulation.

Sun salutations increase the energy flow in your body which helps remove any energy blockages you may have. It is also a great cardiovascular exercise benefiting your entire body – increasing your heart rate and regulating your entire circulatory system.

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