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As the motto of Stretch.com is « Stretching is for everyone », we were glad to join the Health Love event organized by the leading PR company TishTash. Love Health is an event that takes place every year for a whole day at the Time Square Mall. Over 80 different homegrown and international brands as well as established experts join their hands to celebrate everything related to the physical and mental health of Women. The event was open to all and free to join and offered talks, workshops and different activities to the guests.

Stretch.com offered flexibility assessment, personal stretching classes as well as assisted stretching. We are proud to say that we were one of the busiest participants and over 70 people tried our services. It was especially inspiring seeing families try our services as both women and their children (and sometimes husbands) enjoyed the benefits of a good stretch.

Our superstar Brand ambassadors Negar, Daniel and Dane made sure that every guest got the right guidance and stretching according to their body’s needs. Assisted stretching was very popular as it offered a great relief to those with sitting jobs and chronic back pains. Our founder Dina Zoa made sure that the event attendees got to experience what Stretch.com has to offer in a welcoming and supportive setting.

We are grateful to TishTash for this opportunity and everyone who visited us. Our team is looking forward to seeing new guests at our fitness studios.

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